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Counting cells in the Flow Cytometry Core

If you are tired of clicking away on your counter as you get cross-eyed trying to count grids in a hemocytometer, then this article is for you.  The Sanford-Burnham Flow Cytometry Shared Resource in La Jolla gives you a few more palatable options for counting cells.  I’ll start with the simplest methods and then move on to more involved and data-rich approaches. Continue reading


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Fluorish, a tool for creating FACS antibody panels

You’ve got a 5-color FACS panel that includes GFP, PE, 7AAD, PerCP and APC that you are running on the LSRFortessa.  But now you need to add two more markers into the mix and you need to know which fluorochrome choices will work with what you’ve already got.  You scour the web looking for your antibody color choices.  It turns out that your first new marker only comes in PE-TexasRed so that makes things easy, but the other antibody comes in Alexa 700 and Alexa 633 conjugations.  Which should you choose? Continue reading